Pengakuan Testimoni Isteri Pesakit Barah Otak dan Penerima Khairat Kematian RCC

Pengakuan ini berdasarkan perkara sebenar yang terjadi kepada mangsa. Walaupun stevia mampu menyembuhkan penyakit, in shaa Allah tetapi ajal maut tetap di tangan Allah. Namun syukur, kebajikan pengguna turut dirasai apabila bantuan dihulurkan kepada ahli rcc mengikut syarat dan terma yang telah disediakan. Inilah syarikat Islam bumiputera yang bukan sahaja memberi nilai dalam hidup kita tetapi menjaga kebajikan ahli-ahlinya.

Hi RCC team,

This is testimonial from me Kalis.  My niece Muneshwary and husband Anbumani  decided to start RCC business in Feb 2015.

The husband joined Gold package later the wife interested to come in Platinum package.  Things did not happen the way they plan. On April 2015,

Anbumani  had frequent headache.  After consulting doctor the MRI  results was shocked, it was found that he had brain cancer.   The wife gave him

20 drops of Stevia 3 times a day (60 drops per day). He was getting better and feeling  good decided to go back to work in Johor, hometown.

But unfortunately due to other complications he collapse and passed away on 22nd May 2015 without any suffering.  He is 33 years old, have

a daughter 2 years old. The wife was devastated. At this moment during such a difficult moment RCC help to offer RM4,000.00 from Khairat Kematian within 2 weeks. This was a great help for a single mother who is only a housewife.

We would like to offer our deepest gratitude to our Master G, my upline Subra and his wife & the RCC team who expedite the payment incredibly fast.

There is no other organisation can be caring as RCC. From bottom of our heart we would like to offer gratitude to our beloved CEO Encik Azman to bring this wonderful business and love all  colours of people in this country.    Below is the  picture of Anbumani receiving Stevia box from my sister upline, the other photo is my niece Muneshwary and her 2 yrs old daughter Saraniaa.


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