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The Leaking Bucket

*السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته*

*The true story of "The Leaking Bucket"*

*_Beware of the leaking bucket._*

1. U fast in the month of Ramadan but u don't perform all of ur fard Solah. (A leaking bucket).

2. You wear an Abaya and Hijab but with perfume and makeup. (A leaking bucket).

3. You are following the Sunnah and have a beard but you don’t lower your gaze. (A leaking bucket).

4. You Solah all of the fard Solah on time but you have no Khusyu' at all. (A leaking bucket).

5. You are very kind to people and speak with them gently, but with your family you are always harsh. (A leaking bucket).

6. You honour and treat your guests well but when they leave, you gossip about them and talk about their flaws. (A leaking bucket).

7. You give a lot of sadaqah to the poor but you humiliate and hurt them. (A leaking bucket).

8. You stand up for Tahajud at night, fast, Solah and read Al-Quran everyday but cut your family ties. (A leaking bucket).

9. You fast and have sabr for the pangs of hunger and thirst but you swear, insult and curse. (A leaking bucket).

10. You help others but you are doing it to gain something from them and not doing this act of kindness for the sake of ALLAH’s Glory. (A leaking bucket)

11. You post reminders and have thousands of followers on Facebook and social media but you are doing it for the fame, not to please ALLAH. (A leaking bucket).

*_Do not gather all your good deeds in a Leaking Bucket!_*


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